Bose 802 PA Package 1

Hire Cost From: $160.00
Bose 802 PA Package 1

The cordless microphone will work everywhere in the room without cutting out and is loud enough to hear in a large crowd. This system will also playback high quality music. It comes with 2 x weatherproof Bose 802 speakers on stands, a 500 watt amplifier, a multi input mixer, 1 x handheld cordless microphone and an AUX cables for connection of phone or laptop. It also has Bluetooth for wireless connection to your device.
Multi CD Player for an extra $30.00
Cord Microphone(s) $10.00 each
Cordless Microphone(s) $40.00 each
Upgrade to 1000 watts (2 x extra speakers) for $60.00