Glossary of Terms

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You will have heard jargon relating the sound systems and lighting rigs that you may not understand. To help you speak ‘roadie’ here are a few of the more common phrases in plain English.

So what is a...

  • Desk
    The desk or mixing desk is a control unit that allows the various inputs from such things as microphones to be adjusted to give the desired sound ‘mix’. Mixing desks can be simply for audio or can be combined with lighting ‘desks’ in one using to give one control point. Desks are described by the number of inputs they can stake such as an 8 track mixing desk can have up to 8 audio inputs being controlled at one time.
  • Amp
    The Amp or amplifier is the device that takes a low level input from a microphone or MP3 player and boosts it to a level that can be heard using a speaker system. We have many different sizes of amplifier, please call to discuss your needs as the type of function and venue have a great impact on the type and size of amplifier you will need.
  • Radio Mic
    A radio mic has no cable to connect it to the amplifier and so allows you a greater freedom of movement. Great for athletic singers, and also for people who wish to move around a room whilst speaking. As we use modern equipment, our radio mics do not cause interference with other devices.
  • Lighting Rig
    The rig or lighting rig is a system of lights that are attached to a supporting frame. The lighting rig is used to create a mood or to give general illumination, depending on your needs. Not all lights are the same, however we can put together the right ‘rig’ for you to suit you needs.
  • Gaffer Tape
    Gaffer tape, sometimes shortened to gaff tape (especially by theater and photographic professionals), is a strong, pressure-sensitive, cotton cloth adhesive tape used in motion picture, television, stage (music and theater) and audio visual production. The tape is manufactured in many colors, including fluorescent and custom colors, but the most common variety is matte black. This matte finish keeps the tape from reflecting light so the tape blends in with the typical stage floor of a theatre. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia