Getting Married

Getting Married

The happy couple take to the dance floor for the first dance, the crowd goes quiet and looks on in anticipation. The silence continues and everyone starts looking at Uncle Bob who is running the music system, he looks up as he simply shrugs his shoulders, pushing buttons for all he is worth, but let's be honest the moment has passed.

Things to consider at weddings;

  • Do you need microphones and/or music playback at the ceremony?
  • Do you need microphones for the speeches?
  • How many guests?
  • What is the venue?
  • Is it inside or in a marquee?
  • Is there a ‘special’ song that the couple have requested?

Getting Married

Our wedding sound and light systems allow you to be sure that you get all you need for the event. Our Jukebox has an up to date library of music loaded and we can source requests and ensure they are not only on the system, but are easy to find when they are needed, we will even show Uncle Bob how to work the system properly.

Ensure you tick one more items off your wedding list by emailing or calling today to discuss your needs.

Weddings are stressful events and the last thing you need is a sound system to let you down. You need to know that not only will the music play, but it will play when you want it.